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Window Screen Replacement Anaheim

Window Screen Replacement Anaheim

If you have screen doors in your home, you rarely think about them and the comfort they provide until they become
damaged or stop working altogether. It may not seem like a big deal and may seem like a simple repair, but no one
wants to have flying insects coming into the house.

When to replace a window screen

While there may be times when a simple repair is all that is needed to fix a problem with your patio door, more
serious problems may require replacing the door and frame. Often, if you are going to replace a screen door
everything will need to go along with it.

Screen doors are designed to keep pests out, so when this screen breaks or tears, it’s best to replace
everything at once to make sure the door functions properly.

By replacement window screens ensure that your warranty will still be valid should another problem
arise. Here are some scenarios in which it’s best to replace your screen door.

Scratches in the screen

If your patio door has been scratched or cut by an object or animal, it may be time to replace the door. If the cuts
are deep, the screen can become much more torn. Once the screen is torn, it will definitely need to be replaced, as
the pest will make your house a new home.

If it is just a small scratch on the surface, you can probably continue to use the door without any problems for
some time, as long as the scratches are not that noticeable and do not affect the aesthetics of the door.

Door warping

A wood screen door can warp or crack over time. Once this happens, it is irreparable and needs to be replaced. To
avoid warping, make sure your wood door is stained or treated on all sides before installation. You may need to
re-stain every few years to keep the wood protected from water and moisture.

Physical damage to doors

If the door is physically damaged due to high winds or extreme weather, you may need to replace the door. Extreme
weather can dent a door or even knock it down. These problems can lead to further problems, such as a broken screen,
hinges or latch.

Exterior attractiveness

Eventually, your patio door will begin to look old, outdated, faded or sagging. To update your home’s exterior
and add exterior appeal to your home, to buy a replacement window screen door is a must. A new
garage door will add excellent value to your home and have a good return on investment, especially if you are
thinking of selling in the near future.

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Window Screen Replacement Anaheim

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