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Solar Phoenix Az

Solar Phoenix Az

If you’re concerned about the rapidly rising costs of electricity, you’re not alone. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the savings experienced by switching to solar in Phoenix, AZ Top rated solar companies like PEP Solar can answer all of your questions about solar costs, tax incentives, and energy savings experienced through your investment. Request a consultation with our professionals when you call our office today at 623-264-6888. Get an instant ballpark solar estimate to find out what it takes to switch to renewable sun-powered energy.

Beginner’s Guide To Going Solar in Phoenix, AZ: 5 Tips

1. Interview two or three top rated solar companies in your area and ask a lot of questions. Find out about out-of-pocket costs, financing options, and tax incentives offered at the federal and state level. There’s a lot to learn when switching to solar power; take your time and perform due diligence before investing.

2. Work with a reputable solar panel supplier who can keep the costs of your solar installation to their lowest. There are many less-than-reputable suppliers to tell their clients not to worry about the costs because their solar system will eventually pay for itself over time. Find a good solar company that is interested in safeguarding your investment and working within your budget. At PEP Solar, our goal is to provide an affordable installation that continues to save you money over the years.

3. If you’re worried about making a big dent in your budget without knowing what to expect, start small and increase your investment over time. Ask our team from PEP Solar about purchasing a solar heater or solar A/C for your home and go from there. We offer a broad range of solar services apart from whole-home solar installations:

  • Solar Electric PV
  • Solar Chalet
  • Solar Storage
  • Solar-Ready Pool Pumps
  • Solar Attic Fans
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Solar For Business
  • And Much More

4. Take advantage of free resources online; PEP Solar’s Solar Learning Guide will help you become more proficient in your understanding of how solar energy works and how it will benefit your family. Read about HOA solar rules, browse through FAQs, or check out our Solar 101: The Ultimate Solar Guide for Homeowners. Start with the basics and expand your knowledge while you spend more time exploring our website.

5. Get started with an assessment of your property; contact PEP Solar to set up a time to meet with you and determine whether your home is in a good location to take advantage of the sun’s free energy. PEP Solar in Phoenix, AZ is the number 1 solar panel company to partner with for achieving favorable results.

Protect your family from blackouts, rising electricity prices, and unforeseen disasters that can take down the power grid and leave you without a means to cook, stay comfortable, and enjoy the convenience of electrical appliances. It costs nothing to find out more about switching to solar; reach a PEP Solar professional by phone when you call 623-264-6888 or leave us a message on our site.

Solar Phoenix Az