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UP TO 33.1 EER

  • Two-stage Climatuff® compressors
  • Two cabinet designs: GN indoor installation or GE outdoor installation
  • Domestic hot water
  • Meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR® rating with matched TAMG air handler or dual fuel coil


The EnviroWise™ Geothermal Split System Heat Pumps use a ground loop connected to a refrigerant loop to absorb or dissipate heat, working much like a traditional heating and cooling system to keep you comfortable inside your home. The GN cabinet is designed for indoor installation, while the GE is designed for outdoor installation. Offering up to 33.1 EER, this residential geothermal system offers the comfort of two-stage Climatuff® compressors for heating and cooling, and can provide domestic hot water, too. It works in conjunction with an air handler or with an indoor furnace—and meets or exceeds Energy Star® ratings with a matched TAMG air handler or dual-fuel coil.