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Mitsubishi Split Ac Unit Not Cooling

Mitsubishi Split Ac Unit Not Cooling

In the very humid and hot Texas weather, you need to install a split air conditioner to keep yourself cool and healthy.

Air conditioning poses multiple benefits, such as providing filtration that protects you from breathing problems like asthma and allergies. It also protects your belongings and decor by reducing humidity.

Split air conditioning systems are unsurpassed in quality, being the most energy-efficient air conditioners out there, helping preserve your home and the environment.

If you’re wondering why your Mitsubishi split AC unit is not cooling, here’s some possible answers to your questions!

Why is My Mitsubishi Split AC Unit Not Cooling?

There could be various reasons behind your Mitsubishi split AC unit not cooling.

A common reason behind the failure of your Mitsubishi split air conditioning unit could be dirty air filters. If the air filter of your Mitsubishi split air conditioner is clogged or dirty, it may interfere with the appropriate functioning of the thermostat.

The dirt inside your Mitsubishi air conditioner’s filters could lead to the blockage of the warm and cool air passage in the ducts. It can also freeze the evaporator coil of your AC and block the flow of cool air from the air conditioning outlet.

Another reason behind your Mitsubishi split air conditioner not cooling could be its faulty motor. This is because if your air conditioner’s motor is faulty or broken, then its outdoor unit will stop dispersing heat and lead to it not cooling.

A low refrigerant level could also lead to your Mitsubishi split air conditioner not cooling. A refrigerant is a vital liquid that performs heat absorption from the air in the surrounding areas.

A damaged compressor could also hamper the functioning of your Mitsubishi split air conditioner. That is because the compressor is your air conditioning system's most crucial unit. It manages the refrigerant’s flow between the condenser and the unit’s evaporator.

If your Mitsubishi split air conditioner stops cooling, you should call Benchmark Service to benefit from our best Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner installation and repair service as soon as possible.

Our mini split professionals know the ins and outs of all Mitsubishi products and will have your unit up and running in no time.

How Can Benchmark Service Help You?

At Benchmark Service, we are devoted to providing you with the highest comfort level, reliability, and energy savings.

We have exclusively specialized in the Cooling and Heating products of Mitsubishi since 2006. Since we are a Diamond Elite Contractor of Mitsubishi, we can offer you excellent pricing and warranties.

We are equipped with specialized procedures and specialized tools to provide servicing and installation of Mitsubishi's Heating and Air conditioning systems. Due to our level of expertise, our services are superior to those offered by other heating ventilation and air conditioning companies found in Dallas, Texas.

Call us today at 972-790-3900 and we can help you fix your Mitsubishi split ac unit!

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Mitsubishi Split Ac Unit Not Cooling

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