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local solar installers Elizabethtown

local solar installers Elizabethtown

The number and types of solar panels have risen significantly since the solar industry boom in the US. Many installers are just getting started with stocking and working with all the different types; hence it helps to know a little about the most common ones before choosing them.

Are you thinking about getting your Elizabethtown solar panel system? Today, take the first step by diving into the two most productive and popular systems by major solar companies.

Types of solar panels by local solar installers in Elizabethtown

Ground-mounted panels


The most natural image of the ground solar panels sits on the ground with a metal framework that digs deep into the ground for support. The metal framework = has a fixed angle at all times and maintains the same height, so the panels face the same direction in all seasons. The standard panel has maximum light exposure, which only varies according to the property’s geographical location.

Pole mounted

The pole-mounted system is dynamic and changes to adjust the changing rays of the sun. The pole has a string drill into the ground so the panel can shift angles throughout the day and only rotate according to the mechanics of its system. 

Our green energy solutions in Elizabethtown offer the standard solar panel and guarantee that it has more efficiency than the pole-mounted panel. These ground systems may need more labor and finances initially, but they are always more affordable to maintain. Our ground-mounted system maximizes electricity production and is not at the mercy of the changing sun rays. Instead, they capture ample light because of the large surface area and have better electricity conversion capability.

Ground-mounted systems have less friction and movement as the energy transfers to the home, retaining most of the energy for actual home use. You will have ample freedom working with these panels because you do not have to worry about facing the right direction. The only precaution about these panels is we may have to use a portion of the land to dedicate it to the solar system.

Carport solar panel

The carport solar system covers the parking area and eliminates the need to use the ground for mounting. The most significant advantage of the carport panel is it usually has more sun exposure than the ground panel and offers efficient use of space.

The limited constraints of these panels allow for versatile solutions like different panel sizes, orientation, and roof angle. The cost of installing the carport panel is different for each project because we have to consider the watts, the brand of the solar panel, and the total size of the system.

How to get the best solar panel installation in Elizabethtown KY

The choice and type of solar panel depend on many different circumstances, some of which may be out of your control. We recommend that you get in touch for a personalized consultation so that we can specify the exact details of an excellent solar panel system. Give us a call today for immediate feedback on environmentally-friendly power in Elizabethtown.

local solar installers Elizabethtown

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local solar installers Elizabethtown

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