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Iowa Residential Electrical

Is there a difference between Iowa commercial and residential electrical services?

Any electrical company in Iowa can take care of any electrical issue, right? Well, the truth is that even though a company or a professional may the best at what they do, there is a difference between Iowa’s residential electrical services and commercial services.

All electrical contractors are pretty much alike, and with a manual, they can all do almost any job. However, there are differences in the knowledge of a person that offers in Iowa commercial electric services and another one that provides the same but for a residence.

What are the main differences between a commercial electrical company in Iowa and a residential electrical company?

The first difference is regarding wiring and phases. The wiring used in Iowa residential electrical services does not require the heavy-duty that a commercial installation would. Also, the number of phases the contractor has to install is less in a residential environment than in a commercial one.

The reason is that commercial electrical has a higher power demand than a home. For instance, a small office or house could have one single-phase power, and a factory could have three.

Installation methods are also different. Residential electrical installations are done before the drywall because it is rare that you will need maintenance in the wiring. Commercial settings are often installed in ducts, which makes it easier for repairs if required.

The best commercial electrical services in Des Moines and the best residential services in this area will know that there are different codes and standards involved in the design and installation of these two types of situations. For this reason, pricing is also very different.

Iowa Residential Electrical

What can a residential electrician do?

A residential electrician must have a high school diploma. He must also attend classes in an apprenticeship program and accumulate 8,000 to 10,000 hours on the job to get enough experience to pass a competency exam to become a licensed electrician.

They typically work in homes and apartments. They will be trained to take care of commons electrical repair, wire newly constructed homes, install lighting and fixtures, and other general electrical home requirements.

What is a commercial electrician trained to do?

A commercial electrician must also have a high school diploma, engage in an apprenticeship program, and accumulate 8,000 to 10,000 hours on the job to pass a competency exam. Their experience will be on performing new construction or installing lighting, receptacles, transformers, and power distribution.

A commercial electrician will work typically in commercial buildings, such as retail stores, offices, restaurants, and other areas accessible to the public. Among their typical jobs are doing electrical repairs and installing specific equipment. They will be able to wire breaker panels, transformers, generators, heating, lighting, and other general commercial buildings requirements.

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Iowa Residential Electrical

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