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Fcc Certification Testing

If you intend to sell RF/ wireless devices in the US, you must ensure your equipment will not harm the public or hamper other products. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible got enforcing compliance standards. As an FCC-accredited Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the US market, CT Compliance Testing is designated to do compliance testing on numerous types of radio and wireless equipment subject to Declaration of Conformity (DOC) and/or Certification under many of the Commission’s Rules. This article will look at how FCC testing & certification of electrical products work.

Select Radio Frequency 

The first step is to learn about the frequency in order to know which one is legally available to your equipment. Next, you can check the FCC’s current radio spectrum allocation guidelines. Then, you should consider radio range, size, propagation, power optimization, and consumption.

Conduct Test During Development

You must perform as many ‘pre-compliances’ tests in-house while developing your product. To make this process easy, you can work with a 3rd party lab such as CT Compliance Testing. These tests do not ‘count,’ but they assure that there are no massive shocks later on.

Register with Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

You must first obtain a free Registration Number (FRN) to receive FCC certification and testing authorizations for radio spectrum devices. Next, provide your business address and contact information on the FCC website. You will be given an FRN and the option to demand a mandatory grantee code.

Choose Test Lab

Once you receive your FRN and grantee codes, contact an FCC-approved testing center like CT Compliance Testing. Your lab partner should be knowledgeable and capable of handling all your FCC testing and certification requirements. At CT Compliance Testing, we offer the best testing facilities that can make FCC compliance testing and approvals easier.

Compliance Test

Your lab partner will require a production-ready prototype and technical specifications. It is not necessary to have a representative present during the tests. FCC certification testing can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the product’s complexity.

Certification & Filing

The telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) will review the test paperwork after the satisfactory completion of testing and grant your certification at the behest of the FCC. The FCC will add your product to its approved list once your information has been loaded into its database. The Telecommunication Certification Body will provide you with a Grant of Equipment Authorization, allowing you to legally market and sell your product in the country.

Why Choose Us

At CT Compliance Testing, our expert will help you obtain an FCC certificate for your electronic devices and radio equipment. In addition, we will test your equipment, provide documentation, and handle the administrative aspects of the FCC certification process. Our FCC certification testing services are for you if you intend to sell or produce electrical equipment in the United States.

Our knowledgeable specialists are well-versed in FCC approval and compliance testing standards. And our services ensure that your wireless equipment items meet the required criteria for FCC certification. So contact our specialists right away to get your FCC certification testing approval.



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