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Evaporator Coil

Evaporator CoilAmerican Coil can custom design, engineer and manufacture the evaporator coil you need for your application. As a leading manufacturer of custom-made coils, they are able to offer competitive pricing, short lead times and quality products while ensuring you get the right fit every time.

If you’re about to do business with a so-called custom coil company, be sure you are partnering with a company that provides actual manufacturing rather than simply reselling of products that some other company made. American Coil makes all of their coils (100% of them) at their US-based California factory, staffed by dedicated employees and management who are in the business of providing a better than satisfactory experience to their customers.

It’s understood at American Coil that you don’t have time to wait around for your project to fit into someone else’s schedule. If you’re in need of a custom evaporator coil, you’ve come to the right place. With a standard lead time of just 10-12 days, American Coil has done more than just set the industry standard, they have thrown it out and replaced it with something far better. If you need an evaporator coil, the engineering staff at American Coil can craft it precisely to meet your demands.

Your evaporator coil doesn’t just have to arrive quickly, work flawlessly and last a long time; American Coil knows it has to fit right- that’s why they pay attention to the details, since a proper fit the very first time is essential to your application. Every single evaporator coil is custom made to order at American Coil, and can be produced in a variety of specifications, whether you need a standard custom coil, a specialized coil or an improvement on a current design, AC experts are standing by ready to take on the job with the passion and dedication you expect.

When it comes to your evaporator coil, quality matters most. American Coil is committed to providing their customers with exceptional quality and as such, would never think of compromising on materials or offering products made from Chinese sourced tube or fin material. They know all too well that the defect rate on high-quality, raw material is far less than with materials from cheaper suppliers.

If you’re worried about higher costs of copper coils, you may be surprised to learn that many copper coils are only made of copper because of the material’s ability to combat the corrosive environments they are being used in. For many applications, American Coil can custom engineer an AmeriCoat coated copper/aluminum coil that can perform at equal to or greater capacity, with better corrosion resistance than a more costly copper coil. If you have questions, speak with one of American Coil’s engineers about your needs.

Feel free to contact an expert from American Coil by calling 888-947-2427 or stop by online at, where you’ll find a wealth of information on their FAQ page, informative articles on their blog and a contact form to request a free quote for your project. Evaporator Coil