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Briggs And Stratton Generator Dealers

Briggs And Stratton Generator Dealers

Briggs and Stratton Generator Dealers

When it comes to electrical repairs, installations, and other services, Corrigan Electric is one of the most preferred providers of electricity by most consumers in Louisville and other parts of Kentucky. We have more than 20 years of extensive and consistent services in the industry.

Our company has molded a huge role in providing outstanding electrical service and ensures the most modernized approach for repair and installation procedures. We maintain our goal of giving a safer electrical system to every home, business establishment, or new building facility.

Our Top Service with Briggs and Stratton Generator Dealers

Corrigan Electric is a family-run business which is partnered with the most prominent national companies that provide excellent service for electric resource facilities. These are the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and IEC (Independent Electrical Contractors) companies. Together, we aim for the same customer-centered benefit and we make sure to constantly cater to a higher standard of professional work as well as service. Our power services include commercial type, residential, generator type, and emergency service with 24/7 functional assistance.

To avoid a sudden or unexpected power outage, we provide generator systems for any residential or business type of establishment, building, and facility. Our back up major generators came from top brands like Briggs and Stratton generator dealers which reliably provide excellent and long term power source generator service. We can help you tailor the generator style and model that will best suit your private or corporate building or home which is cost free. Moreover, we also give service agreement in order to ensure that you get the best service from estimation to installation without delays or conflicts of service. If you want to have long term generator service, you can take advantage of our regular maintenance which comes in a plan or package offer. This can provide a safer and economical way of utilizing generator systems.

Another service that we have is a residential or commercial power service. Both services provide troubleshooting of electrical systems for problem identification and resolution; replacement options for ballasts, fixture types, lamp materials, and others to ensure accurate performance of power equipment; additional installations of light switch as well as receptacles; and of course our maintenance or update of system which involves regular checking of electric system and its performance for a secured convenient usage.

Our construction services, on the other hand, focuses more on electric installations to any type of newly built residence, establishment or office. We can give you options for installations to ensure a safer power system and we can also tailor our entire installation structure depending upon the type of area you have. In this way, we can provide accurate service that best suits your needs.

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Visit the official site of Corrigan Electric Co. at www.corriganelectric.com and check out the latest offers and service descriptions by filling out the online comment form provided in our site. You may also reach us through email or phone at youknowus@corriganelectric.com or 502 267 4600. Our office is open every Monday to Friday from 7:30AM up to 5PM. You may visit our main office at 2621 Holloway Road, Louisville, KY.

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Briggs And Stratton Generator Dealers

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